Food | Crust Bakery

A few days ago, I let you guys in on my struggle to keep motivated to do the hobbies I love most. One of the hurdles I have to jump (which I didn’t touch on in the last post) was trying to explore Victoria without a car. Yes, the bus system here is great, but it just adds a layer of difficulty that isn’t present with the ease of having a car. Having said that, I do come across rare instances where I have access to a vehicle for a few days so I always make the most of it. The last such time, I headed to Crust Bakery.


I have walked up and down Fort Street SO MANY TIMES and I’ve always overlooked Crust Bakery. What a huge f*@!ing mistake. This quaint, artisan bakery and cafΓ© is such a delight. Continue reading

Explore | Chasing Englishman River Falls

Who ever said, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” has obviously NEVER visited a Vancouver Island waterfall in the spring. The surrounding forests are lush with old-growth greenery, the birds are happily chirping, there’s nary a soul in sight and, most importantly, the water levels are so high that the waterfalls are gushing with glacial water.

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All that Glitters is ‘Little Gold’

Okokok. If you don’t know by now Lower Johnson (or #LoJo – I’m trying to make this work) is such a rad place to exploreΒ – trendy coffee shops, charming restaurants, fashionableΒ clothing stores, and the like, #LoJo is an eclectic mix of some of Victoria’s coolest locales. There’s been a few stops on our list to explore – like Rook & Rose, Hey Happy, and The Regional Assembly of Text, but one that’s news to me is Little Gold.

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Update/We’re Back… kind of.

IT’S BEEN AGES. WE KNOW. First off – hello, hi, how are ya? We hope 2016 has been going swell for you. Things have been pretty good over here at Local Loves VI. Well. It’s been quiet on the blog (I won’t even tell you when our last post was because it’s shameful). However, our lives outside of the blog have been doing pretty well. Both Sarah and I have been trying to adjust to Victoria life which hasn’t been all that hard to be honest. What has been hard is trying to pin down our schedules so that we can devote some quality time to our blog.Β If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we have been up to some fun things – albeit not very often. Again, it’s a scheduling thing.

Nanaimo sunsets though

Nanaimo sunsets though

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