Hey Everyone! I am DIY craft fan with the best intentions but a short attention span. I have been seeing these amazing terrariums for the holidays on Pinterest lately and have been wanting to make one. Yesterday I decided that that would be the day to make one. I decided to get all bundled up and hit downtown Nanaimo to get everything that I needed and get a coffee to fuel the project.

So first off I went to Perkins, an amazing coffee shop near the top of commercial street to get an americano. They make really really really americanos, and I needed a strong one today (I got a triple). I then headed over to Crafts Canada to get my supplies!

IMG_3968IMG_3975IMG_3971Then I ventured just a couple of doors up the street to Crafts Canada! I was looking for fake snow, fake little trees and something special to put in with the trees. I already had the mason jars. I love shopping locally when it’s an option. I love Nanaimo and want people who are running their businesses to succeed. If there is a local option (and there usually is) I always try and strive for that one. Sometimes the big box stores just have the right prices or you literally can’t get something somewhere else, but I think if everyone does their little bit it will help the local shop owners out a lot.

IMG_3976IMG_3964IMG_3965The store was packed with so many awesome crafty goodies. I had a look around and then found the snow and trees that I needed.

IMG_3982IMG_3986I found cute little trees and lamp posts but you can put whatever your heart desires into the glass jar. First off I filled the jar with the snow.

IMG_3988Then I placed the little trees inside. They were  a little more finicky than I thought they would be. It took a little bit more pushing and pulling than I had imagined but I think that it turned out in the end.

IMG_3990IMG_3993Then for the larger mason jar I filled the bottom with snow and clumped three trees together. This made it easier for them to stand up and I think the grouping looks nice. I loved how easy this craft was! It totally adds to the kind of ‘woodsy’ christmas theme that we are doing this year at my house.

IMG_3997IMG_4003IMG_4011Do you have any Christmas crafts that you are doing or have done this year?

If you want to check out my pinterest page (I LOVE PINTEREST) you can do that here! If you have pinterest comment with your URL underneath and I’ll check it out!

~ Sarah

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