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OK, so you know how a lot of people have a bucket list for things they want to accomplish in their life? I have a similar list but it’s of places that I’m dying to photograph. On my list you can find a lot of places from all over the world – some of which I’ve been lucky enough to cross off (Angkor Wat, Ha Long Bay, New Zealand’s west coast…). But the region that comes up most often on my list is our very own Pacific Northwest.


There are so many beautiful places to see in the PNW – from off the beaten track hiking trails to popular  beachside vistas, that, really, it’s kinda hard not to add too many places from the PNW.

One place that has been on my shot list for ages is Capilano Suspension Bridge. Now, you may be thinking, “Sean, you live on the island – you are SO CLOSE why haven’t you been before?!” Well, to that I would answer that so very often it’s the places that are most easily accessible that are often times the places I put off going. You kinda think, “Oh, yea, well it’s so close, I can go anytime”. Well friends, it’s a slippery slope from, “I’ll get around to it one day” to seven years later, “Oh shit. I still haven’t been yet.”


Which is why, the last time I went to Vancouver to visit my friend Mike, I suggested visiting Vancouver’s famed suspension bridge.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I prefer to experience and enjoy my time exploring with next to no people around me. Yea, no such luck at CapBridge.


Yes, it is a bit touristy, especially in the summer/peak season. But if you head in the winter/shoulder season it’s not too bad. Also maybe try for a Tuesday and not a Saturday like us:


What I was most (pleasantly) surprised with was that there were other things to see and experience than just the bridge. I mean, I really had no idea. I thought it was just a cool suspension bridge. Nope – you can also enjoy the Cliffwalk and what they call the “Treetops Adventure”.


The Cliffwalk is a pretty cool/scary walkway that is built in to the side of a cliff offering you breathtaking views of the Capilano River below. There’s something like only 16 anchor points attaching the walkway/bridges/glass floor/your terrified body to the cliff which makes for an adrenaline pumping “stroll”.


However, my favourite part has to be the Treetops Adventure. I mean, I don’t know if I would call it an adventure but the walk offers stunning views  of the 1300-year-old old growth forest. The CapBridge Park describes the walk as a “squirrel’s eye view” which you’ll understand why as you meander through the tree tops of these ancient Douglas firs, overlooking the coastal rainforest below. Fun fact: there are no bolts or nails in the trees. The Treetops Adventure uses an innovating compression system to secure the network of bridges, boardwalks and platforms.

DSC_9464DSC_9458 DSC_9455

But the fun doesn’t stope there, folks! On your way out you can pick up a souvie from the CapBridge gift shop or a coffee Capilano Coffee Company. You can even grab an Ocean wise salmon burger from the Logger’s Grill.


Although I managed to capture some great shots, I would love to go back in the winter time when it’s full on snowing or miserably grey with rain. If only the tickets weren’t so expensive… SIKE. Guess what? For BC residents you can buy an annual pass to CapBridge for the SAME price as a general admission ticket! Aside from the 1-year free, unlimited admission to CapBridge, you also get some other cool perks like 15% off regular admission for your accompanying guests. So, yea, I’ll definitely be putting my annual pass to good use!

I wanna know if you’re like me and tend to put off traveling places because they’re in your “convenient zone”! Where have you always wanted to visit but just haven’t made the time yet? Let me know in the comments below!

– Sean

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