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There’s a new Sushi place in Nanaimo! Well, not really new – I mean, it has been open since last summer, but it’s new to me! Now, if you’re a creature of habit, like me, you have your favourite Nanaimo sushi restaurant (Nori) and you stick to it like white on sushi rice. However, I can always set my favouritism aside when I get to try out a new sushi joint. I mean, one can never have too much sushi, amirite?

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands as of late so I decided to stop in for lunch at Sushi Ryu on a sunny Monday afternoon. Actually, if I’m being honest, I was headed to Nori’s when I remembered that they’re closed on Mondays. So call it fate – I was destined to try out Sushi Ryu.

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Sushi Ryu is located on Applecross Road beside the back-end of Costco. If this location is tugging at the edges of your brain for some reason you can’t recall, maybe it’s because this location has been a bit of a revolving door for restaurants in the last 8 years. I remember when Urban Beet first opened up shop there, then Jar, and lastly Brian’s Sushi Bistro. I really hope that Sushi Ryu doesn’t become another victim to this “revolving-door” curse!

Ok, back to the matter at hand: sushi. One thing I really look for in a sushi restaurant, besides great, fresh fish, is the combos. I love a place that has a wide selection of combos where I can sample a variety of sushi. And Sushi Ryu’s combo game is on point.

In addition to stellar combos, Sushi Ryu has a great lunch menu. I went with my tried and true nigiri (salmon and tuna) and maki rolls (also salmon and tuna). I also ordered an avocado roll as my usual fav cucumber roll was no where to be found (quelle horreur!)

Bonus: miso soup and a salad to start!

The fish was fresh, the tea was tea-rrific (!), and the staff was attentive and super friendly. Even though my eating there was happenstance, I was happy to explore such a great, new sushi place. Nanaimo has a plethora of great sushi restaurants (Nori’s, King Sushi, Bistro Taiyo, etc…) and I think Sushi Ryu has earned itself a top spot on my list.

– Sean :)

2 thoughts on “Explore | Calling All Sushi Fanatics

  1. Alleein says:

    I have to tell you that your blog is stunning. My fiancé has recently convinced me to move to Nanaimo (it has been an uphill battle for him as I am not crazy about living on an island) and you blog has actually given me an insight into what I might be getting myself into. I don’t know if it’s your beautiful presentation of the city or the warm inner insight you have produced, but I’m now actually looking forward to exploring the island.

    Thank you and keep up the beautiful work!

    With love,

    • Sean Helmn says:

      Thanks Jessica! This is such a sweet message :) I’m glad this blog has been a insightful and helpful for you – that is our main goal so if we’ve achieved that for even one person, our mission is fulfilled!

      I have to admit that I had the same reservations as you when I moved from Alberta to Nanaimo 8 years ago but now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but Vancouver Island. One thing that really surprised me was the size of Vancouver Island! Many people who come visit the Island for vacation often think that they can see the whole island in a span of 3-7 days but it’s just not true! So even though, yes, you’re living on an island, VI is so big that sometimes you forget!

      Thanks again, Jessica, for leaving us such a sweet message. We hope that you can explore Nanaimo (and area!) and fall in love just as we have :)

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