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Can you fracking believe it? IT’S OCTOBER.

Like, wasn’t it just August 6 days ago?! Time is moving much too fast for me. Although, I’m not too mad about it because October means my favourite time of year – fall (aka, sweater weather). And not like September Fall where you think it’s fall so you get excited and wear your favourite tall boots, coziest sweater, slouchiest touque with piping hot London Fog in hand but then by 1pm you’re sweating your face off and have to find a deep freezer to cool down in… Uhh. Sorry. I got lost in thought there. I mean fall as in crisp autumn air, colourful leaves crunching beneath my boots, and, yes, even pumpkin spiced lattes (not my go to, but Sarah’s fave fall drink – miss you Sarah!!).

So since it’s now “real” fall, I thought I would highlight some of my favourite fall things:

Beautiful Fall Landscape

Of course this is first on my list. As a photographer, I love to photograph the season of changing leaves. It’s actually one of the things I miss most about living in northern Alberta. The yellow leaves cascading down from the tops of birch trees, as if it were snowing yellow snow (ew, not that snow, gross), it was my absolute favourite fall thing. It’s a little different on the Island, but still beautiful:tumblr_muisoulfQy1qei2wfo1_1280

Fall Activities

I would say, without a doubt or shadow in my mind, McNab’s Corn Maze is THE fall activity for me. Last year, Sarah and I, along with friends Tiffany and Toby, had a ball running sliding through the muddy corn maze.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a giant, fun mess sloshing through the mud trying to find our way to the four hidden posts so we could complete the task at hand – filling up our punch card. Afterwards we headed to the pumpkin patch (a must-do fall thing). Which leads me to my next fav fall thing:

Fall Farmer’s Markets

From independent farms, like McNab’s, to markets, like Cedar Farmers Market, markets are another one of my favourite fall things. As we all know, fruits and veggies are seasonal – some of my favourite fall fruits are apples (try the cider from Cobble Hill’s Merridale Cidery), kiwi’s (check out Kiwi Cove Farm!), and cranberries (watch Yellow Point Cranberries flood their bog!).DSC_8532

Popular fall veggies are root vegetables (like turnips, parsnips, and rutabaga), brussels sprouts (YUM), and, of course, various squash (like zucchini, butternut, and… duh… pumpkins).tumblr_munamvSBam1qei2wfo1_1280

There are a number of farmers markets that stay open until the end of October – like the Cedar Farmers Market, Bowen Road Farmers Market and the Downtown Nanaimo Farmers Market. For more info on these markets, and more in Nanaimo & Area, check out a guide I wrote for the Tourism Nanaimo Blog here :)

Fall Tastes

I feel like the Pumpkin Spiced Latte is the unofficial fall food mascot. It even has its own twitter account ffs. Now I’m not a “PSL” (slang all the kewl kidz use for pumpkin spiced lattes) fan per se, I’ve actually never had one (blasphemy), but the release of the PSL always alerts me to my favourite upcoming season.

Pumpkin is an obvious favourite fall taste – but for good reason. It’s so delicious. Pumpkin pie is my all time fav pumpkin treat (and, coincidentally, the only pie I’ll eat) followed closely by pumpkin bread AND pumpkin seeds.5 (1)

But I hope you don’t let pumpkin overpower all the other great fall tastes! As I mentioned earlier, apple is another great fall food. Homemade apple pie, applesauce, and cider are all great fall tastes. And, hello, don’t forget about those cranberries. Last fall I made some super tasty cranberry chocolate chip scones. A perfect accompaniment to my favourite fall drink – London Fog.


Fall TV

I mean, come on. If you know anything about me, you know TV is my life force. Once fall tv season arrives I feel like a whole new person – my summer slump is over and I’m renewed, refreshed and (let’s be honest) re-addicted. Familiar returns like Scandal (Olivia and Jake are my OTP, suck it Fitz), Parks and Recreation (Pawnee’s last season :'( ), and The Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling is my idol) are welcomed returns.funny-exercise-giffunny-exercise-gif-2

There’s also a few exciting new additions to my lineup like Scorpion (incredibly smart, emotionally detached people are my kryptonite), Gotham (I need to see a few more eps to be able to officially add it to my list, but, I mean, Ben McKenzie y’all), and The Flash (I lovelovelove Arrow, and am super excited for this spinoff).arrow-flash

With the fall tv season in full swing, I feel like it’s a long-awaited reunion among friends. I mean, I won’t outright say I think TV is my friend, but I won’t vehemently deny either.

Do any of our favourite fall activities match up? Is there anything I missed on this list that is your absolute fave fall thing? If so, drop a line in the comments below!

– Sean

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