Explore | Chopped Night with Friends!

Hi Everyone! Sarah here! The winter hustle and bustle with school has sure got me caught up. I haven’t posted much last week but I’m back today with a video! A few weeks ago my foodie group and I had a chopped night. That means that we all picked mystery ingredients, threw them in a hat and then picked from either appetizer, side, main or dessert.

I ended up getting cilantro, balsamic reduction to make in an appetizer. I chose to make two, splitting them up and made guacamole for one dish and baguette, topped with goat cheese, a strawberry and balsamic reduction. The later was a fan favourite. Check out the video below!

Thanks so much for reading and watching, we really love you all!

~ Sarah

P.S. This was all filmed on my iPhone 5. Sometimes you forget your HD camera, and sometimes you still want to document things. Also 1234 is the song by Fiest.

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