Explore | Coffee Coffee Coffee at Javawocky

I love coffee coffee coffee. I think that it has fuelled some of my best ideas actually. I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, so thanks coffee. In one of my favourite shows of all time Gilmore Girls, there is a part where Lorelei (the cool mom) orders coffee coffee coffee. Watch and fall in love with Gilmore Girls.

I have mentioned before that Nanaimo has some awesome coffee shops and one of my favourites is Javawocky right on the harbour fronts walkway. Along with their amazing coffee and friendly staff they have one of the most inspiring views to sit and drink coffee, read, do homework, blog or just dream at. Today when I went to Javawocky it was a cool and crisp winter day. The sun was setting behind Mt Benson and it was shadowing the harbour in purples and pinks. 

IMG_7122 IMG_7096 IMG_7109 IMG_7083

I love picking up a coffee, putting some head phones in and wandering down the waterfront. The sea wall actually goes on for about 5 km or so. As I mentioned before I also love sitting in the window and looking out and writing, editing photos or reading. If you haven’t been to Javawocky, go check it out!


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