Explore | McNab’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Pickin’

Hey everyone! This past weekend we went to McNab’s Corn Maze for some good old fashioned Fall fun. Our friend Tiffany, who we worked with at Tourism Nanaimo this summer, joined us with her fiancé Toby! It was a beautiful, warm, crisp Autumn afternoon as we drove through Cedar on our way to the corn maze. The leaves on the trees are so beautiful when they are changing colours this time of year.

As we pulled in to the busy parking lot, we saw that Tiffany and Toby were already waiting for us. The two of us got our tickets and rented boots (you totally need boots, it’s sooo muddy, but awesome). Then we walked down the short path to the start of the seven (SEVEN!) acre corn maze.

IMG_6585 entranceThe first thing we noticed immediately was how muddy it was! Some parts it was so muddy we almost got stuck, out boots were so heavy. We were warned to tread carefully because earlier a little boy fell and was covered head to toe in mud! It was still fun though trying to traverse through the mud – we felt like kids playing in the mud again!

bootsNow this is going to sound really silly, but we were kind of amazed that there were legit pieces of corn on the cob in the corn maze! Toby mentioned that since corn season was over the corn wasn’t good for eating – it was as hard as rock. While marveling at all the corn, the four of use were trying to find our first station – the point of the corn maze is to get all of your tickets stamped (there were 4 separate stations) and we were lucky enough to find one almost right away!

IMG_6597_2Toby had to stamp our cards for us because the hole punch was so tough (thanks Toby!) After the first one the next three were a bit more difficult to find. Some of the pathways were windy, some were so dense, and some of them even led us to dead ends. To get our bearings we climbed the lookout to get a better idea of the maze.

mazeAfter a quick study of the corn maze we set out to find the last three stations. After a few false instructions from some younger maze goers (thanks kids) we finally found the remaining stations. We then took one of the escape routes to the pumpkin patch to pick out a few pumpkins.

IMG_6612 DSC_8476After Toby and Tiffany picked out their perfect carving pumpkins we jumped on the hay ride to go back to the main market to pick out some baking pumpkins.

IMG_6626 IMG_6621_2 IMG_6640 We couldn’t believe how many varieties of pumpkins there were! Big ones, small ones, deformed ones, warty ones, swan-like ones, and more! Sean was looking for a cooking pumpkin. Toby educated us about what kind of pumpkins are best for cooking. Sweet pumpkins, also known as pie pumpkins, are the best for cooking soups and baking desserts. After investigating all the different pumpkins at the market, Sean finally picked out a ‘Fairytale’ pumpkin. We then walked the short distance to the farm stand just up the road from McNab’s. There Toby and Tiffany picked out a couple different pumpkins along with some beets. Yum!

pumpkin_headAll of the pumpkins were labelled with their names, but some were given quite unusual (but funny!) names. Sean also picked up some cranberries from Yellow Point Cranberries for some homemade scones.IMG_6642 DSC_8532

We were both ecstatic that the two of us both were finally able to make it out to McNab’s for what feels like a traditional Nanaimo Fall activity! If you’re interested in heading out to the corn maze and market make sure you get out there before the end of the month! And if you’re feeling adventurous enough, you can take part in the night maze from October 28-31. Don’t forget your boots!

~ Sarah & Sean

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