Explore | Kasira: Fine Thai Cuisine

Hey guys!

So, you may or may not know this about me, but I lovelovelove asian food. Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese… you name it! So while my mom was off to Toronto to visit my grandma for Thanksgiving, my brother, my dad, and I decided to hit up Kasira for some “Fine Thai Cuisine”.


We love this restaurant, we’ve been here countless times before! It’s also super popular with the rest of Nanaimo (this place is always packed!) We came prepared this evening, however, since I was bright enough to make a reservation! We arrived promptly at 7, and sure enough the place was packed. I love the atmosphere of Kasira. It’s always lively, and the decor is lovely. The mood lighting in here is perfect (although not the best for taking photos with no flash!!) MenuWe gave the menu a quick peruse (my dad and I both have our go-to dishes, while James was deciding on something new). We all decided to begin with some Thai Spring Rolls and some Thai beer. DSC_8377 DSC_8376It was definitely a great start; the spring rolls were hot and crispy and came with a sweet dipping sauce as well as Sriracha sauce (my dad’s fav).

For the main course, my brother chose the Green Curry (pictured left), my dad chose his favourite Spicy Duck (served on a sizzling platter!), while I went with trusty Prawn Pad Thai (picture bottom right). We were all incredibly happy with our choices. As my brother and dad both love spicy food, they were in heaven. However, even though I requested mild, my pad thai was still spicy! Although, to be honest, I find pepper spicy.FoodWhat a great night we had! We were of course missing my mom while she was away for Thanksgiving, but a night out at Kasira was definitely a great back up plan!

Have you guys been to Kasira?

– Sean xx

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