My Sick Kit: London Fogs, Hearty Soups, Music, and A LOT of TV

I really wish I could say “Good afternoon LLNers!” but alas, my cold from Monday has decided to wreak havoc on my immune system. I went from a scratchy, sore throat to an all out war between my sinuses and cold, shivery body.

I decided that I would share with you guys some comforts of mine that I like to indulge in while home sick!

First, in addition to pumping my body with drugs, I drink copious amounts of tea. If I had my own personal chef, or cappuccino machine, I’d be making so many London Fogs you’d think I was worried the global tea supply was running out. But since I don’t own either a personal chef or a milk steaming machine, I usually just make 1 part boiled milk, 2 parts black tea (mmmm, earl grey), with a splash of homemade vanilla syrup. It’s not as great as a London Fog, but hey, it keeps my sore throat lubricated (which is important!!)DSC_5060

Secondly, when I’m sick, me and soup are BFFL’s (best-friends-for-life). If my throat is super sore, I go for more of a broth-based soup like chicken noodle (classic) or maybe some Pho (from my fav Pho-a-Dong). Or, if I’m suffering from more of a head cold, hearty soup is where it’s at. Over the summer I discovered this hearty soup packet that Stonefield Farm puts together. Basically all you need to add is water, veggies and poultry or meat of your choosing. It’s a great meal option for when you’re sick, or for the dead of winter when you need something to warm up to! If you’re interested, you can pick up these soup/stew packets from Stonfield’s booth at the Downtown Nanaimo Farmers Market!IMG_0694

Third, when my head is pounding, my nose is running like a faucet, and I can’t concentrate on anything but my breathing, I like to put on some soothing music. I’ve compiled a playlist for you guys of some of my go-to tunes while laid up in bed:

Lastly, when I can look at a TV or computer screen without my brain wanting to explode from my migraine, I turn to some comforting TV. I like to watch something light that makes me chuckle, and doesn’t require me to follow any sort of convoluted, over-the-top story line. Basically anything that doesn’t require any concentration from me what so ever. Check out New Girl and The Mindy Project. I love watching these shows when I’m not sick, but they’re also great to watch when I’m feeling under the weather. I love curling up in bed, tucked in under the covers with my London Fog (or London Fog impostor) while I catch up with the New Girl and Mindy Project gang.


What sort of things do you guys like to do when you’re home sick?

– Sean xx

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