Explore | Victoria Fisherman’s Wharf

A few weeks ago I drove down to Victoria with some visiting family members from Calgary. We were looking for somewhere to eat some fresh local seafood, somewhere we could walk around, and some place unique! My dad had suggested we hit up the Victoria Fisherman’s Wharf. We did, and boy was it awesome.

Firstly, this place had delicious seafood. We stopped at a place called The Fish Store. I ordered the “Baynes Sound Clams” from the Steamers menu. The were steamed to perfection, served with garlic butter and focaccia bread. Mmm-mm-mmmmm.Fish

Secondly, even though the wharf isn’t huge, it definitely had areas to walk around and explore. Not only is the wharf steps away from the Harbour Pathway, but there are all of these cool and nifty houseboats!Homes

The Float Home Village is a small community of houseboats where most of the occupants are full-time residents. The homeowners here have really expressed their creative side with how they paint, decorate, and stylize their homes. There are so many different, unique houseboats to explore here. The Float Home Village definitely satisfied our unique requirement!

Have you guys ever been down to explore Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf?

– Sean xx

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