Step Back in Time in Beautiful Cathedral Grove

It’s been ages since I’ve last explored Cathedral Grove, aka MacMillan Park. So when Cindy, my best friend from high school, came to visit me last week, I decided it was time to go back to explore this astounding old growth forest.DSC_4386There are so many wicked cool trees in here. Not only do you get to see first hand the 900 year old Douglas firs, but there are some other neat trees to inspect. Like the tree in the photoset below. IT’S TWO TREES MERGED INTO ONE! How cool is that?! Cindy was reminded of that Spice Girls song “2 Become 1“…2

In addition to huge trees and trees living in marital bliss, there are also a few fallen trees. A few years back, Cathedral Grove was hit by a hurricane which uprooted quite a few of its Douglas firs. However, even though there was evident devastation, the result gave us some pretty cool visuals:1As you can see, the uprooted trees were still attached to the majority of their roots right at the trunk. This resulted in a super cool web of roots, that we normally would never be able to see. It was really neat to get right up to the roots and follow their growth path and how they interlaced with one another.

In addition to all the exciting tree growth, there is also a really neat lake hidden behind the trees. It was such a hot day out, and Cindy and myself were getting grossly sweaty, so the lake looked like the perfect oasis to cool off in. I’m not sure whether or not you can actually swim here, but the thought of dipping into the cool, blue waters was enough to cool us down. Even if it was just a little bit!DSC_4397

What’s your favourite part about the majestic Cathedral Grove?

 Sean xx

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