Girls Night Out @ The Corner Bistro!

Hey Everyone! As promised we are sharing the experience the five of us girls had during our night out at the Corner Bistro! The two of us, Sarah & Sean, were so excited when Tiffany and Helga floated the idea of the five of us going out for dinner and blogging about it. So without further ado, here it is!DSC_4046

Helga starts this post out perfectly: “What a great week it was. The AC at our work was finally fixed, the Snowbirds were in town and we had a great girls’ night out. I worked until six and by the time I was driving downtown the Snowbird show was in full action; I can tell you guys it is a miracle that there were no accidents, because everyone was staring up (including me behind the wheel).

“So Wednesday was the evening where we five Tourism Nanaimo girls hit the town; more or less dressed up for the occasion we headed for the Corner Bistro for dinner. Technically you could say it was a FAM trip, but to be really honest it was just a fun night out, with lots of laughter, photos (everything had to be documented by at least two cameras for this post – cough Sarah, cough Sean) and even more girls gossip.”DSC_3993

The Atmosphere was one thing that both Tiffany and Bailee were drawn to. As Tiffany explains, “The atmosphere was really nice and it wasn’t too busy which was a bonus. They have an arrangement of different cocktails and other yummy sounding beverages as well as some great appetizers!” Bailee remarked that the atmosphere was one of the best things about her night out. “With the charcoal stone bar and the colorful walls I felt a warm welcoming feeling from the moment I walked in. The girls had picked out the corner booth (highly recommend) where I was able to observe the buzz around the restaurant. I quickly learned that the bistro was for everyone. Surrounded by a jovial group of older ladies as well as a family with young children, they all seemed to be having a splendid time soaking in the great company and comfortable atmosphere, as did we!”

All of our food was a little bit late to arrive due to the increase of people because of the Snowbirds and a shortage of staff. All the girls didn’t seem to mind though. As Helga comments, “In this fun company it nearly wasn’t noticed that the food did take a little longer then you would normally expect, but we had so much to talk about that we were happy to wait a little longer. When we finally had our food it looked pretty tasty and my yacht club sandwich looked amazing! I do have to admit it was a little difficult to eat, but Tiffany and I, both having the same meal, figured out a tactic which worked just fine for us!”DSC_4029

Sarah decided on building her own beef burger. “The burger was huge! It was wonderfully juicy and flavorful. I especially enjoyed how the chefs branded the bun with “Corner Bistro”!  As for Sean, she ordered the mussels (she loveslovesloves seafood). Here’s what she has to say on her fare, “The mussels were delicious! They were a part of the appetizer menu so my meal was a bit on the lighter side, but it sure packed a punch!”IMG_5966DSC_4026

In addition to the beet fries that the five of us girls shared, Bailee also ordered the Chicken Rocket Salad. Here’s what she has to say about the food: “Mmm so many delicious choices to pick from definitely made ordering a challenge. And arriving on an empty stomach only added to the difficulty of making the final decision. The girls had thankfully ordered an appetizer that was tasty and unique all on its own. Beet fries? This is the first I am hearing of this wonderful creation. They were succulent in appearance and scrumptious to the palate. I could have eaten two orders to myself. After getting food into my tummy I decided I would try the chicken rocket salad. I like chicken and I like rockets (but let’s be honest who doesn’t?)  so this sounded like the ultimate compilation of both.  The salad was everything I imagined and more. I definitely recommend this dish if you are headed down to the Corner Bistro.” IMG_5960DSC_4027Tiffany agrees with Bailee that she would also come back. “I would definitely go back again and try some other things that they have on their menu. They have an awesome patio (great for people watching) which would be nice on a hot summers day! I definitely recommend everyone try this place!”

Well, with our bellies full, and our sides aching with laughter, the five of us parted ways. We had such a fun evening that we hope to do this again!!DSC_4045

– Sarah & Sean

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