A Quarter of the Old City Quarter

I love the morning. I used to hate the morning, but now I drink coffee! It helps that the sun is high in the sky when I wake up at 7. After I get up I make my choice of a cup of coffee, an Americano, or a latte! Last week, I decided to take advantage of my morning before work started and headed down to the Old City Quarter in Downtown Nanaimo. I went over to Fitzwilliam and Wesley Street to stroll around. My first stop was Bocca Café! I got a latte and a vegan pumpkin date muffin to nibble on. I love trying out new coffee shops in Nanaimo! (We have a lot!) I love the colourful atmosphere in Bocca! The barista was so nice and complimented the blue feather that I have in my hair right now. The coffee was really really good too! It wasn’t bitter or too overwhelming. The flavour and intensity were just right. patio IMG_5909IMG_5914IMG_5913 Next I wandered through the alley and around the corner, window shopping. Around the next block was West Coast Classic Floral Design. In front of the shop were succulents potted and sitting on a white ladder. I knew I wanted to get a succulent and start a little pot of them. There were lots to choose from. I decided to make a mixed pot of succulents and bought my first one that morning! Now I’m on the hunt for more! Yay! The owner, Sandra Dunn, told me all about succulents: where and how plant them, how much water they like, what to do in the winter and more!  Popping into the shop is always such a treat! I like seeing what’s in season, smelling the flowers, and taking everything in. It is always so cheery! Underneath is a picture of Sandra in West Coast Classic Floral Design. IMG_5928_2 IMG_5936IMG_5940 There are so many more amazing shops in the Old City Quarter to explore. I can’t wait to go back! I am dying to try some cupcakes from A Wee Cupcakery. I love shopping at My Undies and admiring all the beautiful lingerie! What do you love about the Old City Quarter? What else should I do next time I go? ~ Sarah

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