Cedar Market

As you all know I love farmers markets. I don’t know what it is; Maybe it’s the banter that each little shop owner engages you in. Maybe it’s the samples. Maybe it’s the inspiration that people are growing their own veggies, making their own soaps, bowls, salsa, jam – you name it. Maybe it’s the learning that takes place with just a few short sentences between you and a local farmer. I think it’s all of those things – and more! Here are some pictures of our experience at the Cedar Farmers Market on Sunday.HotdogThese are 100 mile dawgs! And hot dog they were good! Emily and I came to the market starving so we did a quick walk through of the market then headed straight for the hot dog cart. We were pleasantly surprised that they were “100 mile dogs” meaning the meat had come from animals living within 100 miles. They also had homemade chili sauce that we added, along with ketchup and mustard, to top it all off. They were so good, and just what we had been jonesing for. We could now walk around the market happy and full and ready to browse.

Here is only some of what we saw at the market!



Have any of you been out to visit the Cedar Farmer’s Market?

~ Sarah

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Market

  1. Sarah & Sean says:

    I’m going tomorrow Sarah with Auntie Dawn and we’re heading right for that hot dog cart. The way you described them made my mouth water. Also I’m definitely checking out that beautiful pottery as I’m looking for something special for Kyrie and Logan. Can’t wait!

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