Taco Truck at Departure Bay Beach!

Hey guys, It’s Sarah!

I’m so excited that there is a Mexican food truck in Nanaimo! I drive past Mucho Nacho at Departure Bay Beach everyday on the way to and from work and have been wanting to try it so badly. So finally last week I went down to the beach to try it! It did not disappoint.


IMG_2416The truck is located just on the grass right near Departure Bay Beach. If you are driving down Departure Bay road near the ocean you won’t miss it. We ordered two Chicken Tacos and Cheese/Chicken Quesadillas.

IMG_2419As you can see they were as fresh as can be and hot right off the grill. We also had the BEST view! It was so relaxing and refreshing to eat fresh food right by the sea. Next time I think i’ll get the fish tacos!



Have you been to the Mucho Nacho Taco Truck? Or any other awesome food trucks in Nanaimo? I would love to hear about them!

~ Sarah

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