Jack Point Biggs Park

My roommate and I have been watching too much TV recently. Like too much. So instead of being couch potatoes all summer, we decided to make Sunday nights adventure fun nights! Last night was our first venture out into no-tv land, and since it finally stopped raining here, we decided to drive down to Jack Point Biggs Park in South Nanaimo. I’ve driven past this area a few times (when coming off the Duke Point Ferry) but I’ve never actually explored this beautiful park!JPBP-1Biggs Park is breathtaking. Not only does the trail boast insanely gorgeous views of Downtown Nanaimo, but there’s so many cool spots along the trail to explore! The trail, which is roughly 5km round trip, includes forested areas, some stairs to help you climb over the bluffs, open areas with views to Nanaimo, and rocky spots right down on the shoreline.

My roommate and I brought a blanket and packed a picnic so we could watch the beautiful sunset and even though we were a little chilly once the sun went down, it was definitely worth it.

Have you been to Jack Point Biggs Park? How did you like it??

– Sean xx

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